C&E is an environmental consulting company formed in 1998 by seasoned professionals to provide real estate based consulting to clients throughout the United States.

The principles of C&E have a reputation for experience and excellence in environmental services.

Company Philosophy

C&E was founded on the concept that every customer deserves project performance that is technically complete, accurate, on time and provided at a fair price.

C & E Environmental LLC

C&E Environmental, LLC
520 Central Parkway East
Suite 228 Plano, Texas 75074

972-423-8860 fax

Email: info@ceenv.com
Email: Richard Cunningham
Email: Randy Eicher


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
Phase II and III Assessments
Transaction Screenings
Peer Report and Project Reviews
Facility Compliance Audits
Asbestos Surveys and Management
UST & VCP Projects
Petroleum Storage Tank Compliance

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